Social Video Advertising in the DACH Region

Social media and video advertising are the fastest growing digital advertising segments worldwide. There are plenty of studies that cover one or another of these segments. However, there is no study that looks at social and video advertising as a whole.

At Mediahead, we did some research in order to bring you the first comprehensive study about the DACH market that looks into social media and video advertising combined.

Key Findings

  • The DACH market for digital video and social media will grow strongly and constantly in the next 5 years
  • Today, most digital video ads are still run on desktop, whereas social media ads are mostly run on mobile
  • The share of ads on mobile is growing steadily on both digital video and social media
  • Since most Social Video ads are run on mobile already, the prospect for an exponential growth of this product is very promising

Social Video Advertising – DACH Region Outlook

On a glimpse, the outlook of social media and digital video advertising for the DACH market is promising, with 68% and 80% increase respectively within the next five years. This should not come as a surprise. Video ads are gaining popularity among advertisers due to their ability to capture attention and to achieve higher retention rate for the audience. Many advertisers have also claimed that the use of video ads increase their ROI and boost sales. Videos have proven to be able to evoke emotions and viewers see good videos as an entertainment (think about short movies). In that sense, video ads provide a win win solution for both.

Advertisements on social media are also on the rise, as people are now more engaged in social media than ever. Plus: Ads on social media have a high advantage over other types of digital ad due to their shareability features. Can you resist the temptation of sharing good deals and heartwarming ads with your closest friends?

Looking at the increasing popularity of social media and backed with the data that we have found, we are convinced that social video will play an increasingly important role in digital advertising through 2017 and beyond. Social video captures the best of both worlds—the entertainment and emotional value of video ads and the powerful shareability of social media ads.

Social video is currently viewed as the best advertising solution by many advertisers. The only downside is the time taken to produce a good quality video, but we are sure that your hard work will pay off at the end.

Below you can access the complete study. If you wish to receive even more insights or information about other regions, feel free to contact us.

Download the complete study.

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