Social Video Platform Comparison Guide 2017

With so many social media platforms popping out each day, it’s sometimes hard to know where even to begin? Do you need all platforms for your social video campaign? And what are the differences between each platform? Here’s an overview about the the most popular platforms in regard to social video advertising.

Connect with fans and customers through social media

In the era of web 3.0, the use of social media for business advertising is no longer a dilemma. It goes without question that companies need to leverage on this relatively new form of advertising. Utilizing social media in your business strategy is one of the best ways to get your brand name out there. Not only is it a great way to market your products and services, but it also gives you the chance to connect with fans and customers on a more personal level.

Capture attention and achieve higher retention rate with video ads

On the other hand, video advertising is on the rise too. As advertisers are competing for the user’s’ attention online, videos have proven to be the most effective way. Video ads—especially those on mobile—are gaining popularity among advertisers due to their ability to capture attention and to achieve higher retention rate for the audience. Many advertisers have also claimed that the use of video ads increase their ROI and boost sales.

Social video platform comparison

With the benefits provided by social media and video advertising, we have reasons to believe that social video advertising will be, if not already is, the most effective mean of digital advertising.  This is why we broke down the four largest platforms for social video in order to help you understand how each platform will benefit your business. We also give you our exclusive insight on the best ad buying method.

Our recommendation

  • For Facebook and Instagram, buying impressions will result in a cheaper 10-seconds view than buying the 10-seconds view directly.
  • For YouTube, buying 30-seconds view is good to get high net reach.

Unlock the full potential of social video advertising

There are many things to consider when advertisers decide to run their ads on social media. The social media platforms are disintegrated and each platform has its own purchasing model. It is very time-consuming to plan, book, monitor and optimize campaigns across all channels. And it’s even harder to measure KPIs across the different platforms.

However, with the Social Video Solution from Mediahead, you don’t need it anyway. Our product combines all social media channels and calculates the net reach for a target group. Our algorithms will analyze the data and optimize the performance, allowing you to control and compare all your Social Video campaigns simultaneously as a whole.

Here you can download the detailed document as PDF. Feel free to share it with your colleagues or print it out and hang it on your wall. We are excited to hear your reaction, thoughts, comments and questions (get in contact).

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