With the Mediahead platform, you have the best technology for social video marketing at your fingertips. You can plan efficiently, have control of the budget flows at all times and know about the distribution of your social video campaign in detail with a single login. This allows you to concentrate on what is important and invest your time into the strategic aspects of media planning.

The platform integrates all the technologies required for purchasing, hosting and monitoring online campaigns through API, and provides users with a simple-to-use and clear interface that enables a consolidated overview. The platform implements best in class optimization algorithm to efficiently distribute the advertising budget to reach campaign goals automatically. The optimizations are done at both in-channel and cross-channel level. Without the platform several media experts hours would be required to operate all the integrated technologies, gather data from different channels and efficiently distribute budgets across them.

As a client you create a single campaign with a specific goal. The platform manages distributing the campaign budget across all relevant platforms, collects all the reports and presents all the insights through a single interface. With every product, transparency is our foremost concern. You can at any time log into the platform to view stats and cost information of ad impressions from each channel. The product can be used as a self-serve or managed service with our operations centre.


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